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After Fermilab's most recent test, it has opened a portal to another world. Through the Night is a collection of those creatures and demons. But they only come out at night so beware! Heavily influenced by Halloween and horror, Through The Night is a spooky PFP collection for Halloween lovers. Mint one for yourself to show off this Halloween!


A cannibalistic creature from your nightmare. This creature walks the through the night. Every meal it has the creature will grow in proportion to what ever it eats, the bigger the meal, the bigger it grow but it will always have to eat more and more. The curse of the wendigo is its hunger will never diminish it will always grow.


The fear of the witch is real, seduction with their beautiful looks can make anyone fall into their spell. Witches can cast magical spells and make you do horrible things just with the power of spoken words. Be careful if you run into a witch there is a lot of power behind their beauty.


The dead comes alive with one goal, to feed. Zombies only goal is to feed on the living. Being caught out at night and running into a zombie may be the last thing you do. After being attacked by a zombie yourself will turn into one. Some of the brave souls caught out at night won't return home and will be seen wearing the same stuff they went out in.


They've been here all along, walking among us, blending in. At night their cloaking no longer works. They are creatures from another planet, no one knows what they want, but they want us. You'll see them walking in large groups at night and if they see you, its probably too late. 


Your worst fear - clowns. Evil ones. These guys look friendly with their face makeup and big smiles, but they are not. They will chase you, they will find you. Listen for their laughter as it echoes through the night. 


These things may seem cute, but they are mean. They can run up to 60mph and eat things twice their size in a single sitting. When they come out at night they run in groups of 5 or more. These little guys won't stop until you're their next meal.

Skull Pirates

The many pirates that died at sea are now back with vengeance. They walk the land at night, many missing limbs. You'll even see some with fire shooting from their clothes signaling the gates of Hell of which they have rose from.  



➕ How Many Are In This Collections?

There are going to be 666 in this collection

➕ Wen Mint?

Mid October

➕ What Is Mint Price?

Mint Price TBD

➕ How To Get WL?

You can win on Twitter, own a Through The Forest NFT (our previous collection), Win in Discord by being active or by joining our giveaway here