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In 2830


Satellites launched from earth have finally found life on brand new planets. These planets have extreme conditions that no creatures that we currently know of could survive in. From blazing hot temperatures to 300F to -112F scientist have no idea how these creatures have evolved to survive these conditions.  


Vematov is a planet that is known for its extreme heat that sometimes hit over 300F (148C).

The heat on this planet would kill any form of vegetation.

We have no idea how the creatures on this planet survive in the heat or how they feed. 

Some of the creatures seen on this planet can even be seen with fire on their skin as they walk around in the heat, unfazed from the heat.


Awei is a frozen planet that is somehow thriving. Temperatures on this planet have reached as low as -112F (-80C) since we've been studying it.

Along with the creatures that have evolved to survive in these extreme conditions, there has also been some vegetation that has been seen that some of the creatures have been seen eating. There is also a liquid lake on this planet that looks like it has aquatic creatures living in it. We are unsure what this liquid is yet, as it's not water because it does not freeze at freezing temperatures. 


Zater is the most habitable planet we have discovered so far. From the studies it looks like it has had some sort of life on this planet for some time. There looks to be structures built on this planet that are extremely overgrown. From watching this planet, vegetation grows 3x-4x at the speed it grows on Earth. The life of these plants seem to be shorter than they are on earth. We have observed some of the creatures on this planet but they are extremely camouflaging into the environment 


The planet of Ziyanerth is covered in a mysterious gas that defies our attempts to examine it. The creatures on this planet can disappear or camouflaged at a instant. Their skin seems to be slightly transparent that seem to glow at night. These creature are the most magnificent that we have found so far. They are the most mysterious so far that we have discovered.